Good morning!

IMG_1488Good morning, beautiful people.  This is going to be yet another early morning post, so if I have any typos, please be easy on me.  I had a surge of motivation yesterday, specifically in my Journalism lecture around noon.  I tend to do this.  For a week or two, I will struggle to locate my motivation, not concerning myself with exercise, time management, etc.  When I do find the will to end these bad habits, it’s way overwhelming.  So, following class, I had a list in my mind of what I hoped to do.  It went as follows:

  • Begin homework as soon as I arrive home, and not stop until it is all done.
  • Write out an exercise goal chart (in big, colorful markers on poster board, of course)
  • Buy a boat load of new, healthier food items (I did this one!!)
  • Find the ASPCA’s website and sign up for monthly donations

You may think, it’s okay, we all feel this way about once a month.  But I’m telling you, that’s not what it was!  I let myself practice bad health for the last time last night, my final supper consisting of leftover potato skins and chicken wings from a birthday dinner I recently went to.  This morning my guilty first meal consists of a gummy like pack of energy chews (this is to replace my religious urge for iced coffees).  They’re not bad at all!  Hummus, fresh salsa, rice, lettuce, and beans fill my fridge, ready to satisfy my snack cravings if need be.  For meals, I went for a rice based diet with things like noodles in vodka sauce for my very small, small amount of carbs.  I will keep you updated, but it feels good to just set standards for yourself.  I encourage you all to do the same.  Make your inside feel as beautiful as your outside!  Wish me luck! (Feel free to steal some ideas from my little collection above, the tomatoes dipped in hummus are amazing!)


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