finding our sweet spot

One of the biggest questions I have for the universe is why we were created with such a critical human nature.  From what I’ve found, it is way easier for us to find fault than to find something we think we deserve.  Earlier today, I was sitting in a chair, one of fifty in the room, facing a computer.  The screen was lit up with the words, “Congratulations, you passed!”  I had studied.  For hours, I had studied.  So why did I sit there, shellshocked, when I have should have come in with confidence in the first place?

Apart from boring academic situations, this can happen anywhere.  Especially for us girls.  We are bred to be compulsive comparers.  By comparers, I mean offenders of judge crimes.  We love to set ourselves up in a juxtaposition to a girl we consider around our equal.  And then, (let’s be honest, no one is innocent), we pick out every single thing they beat us at.  Maybe they have less split ends, or perfect eyebrows.  They might be wearing the same boots, and even worse, they might look better in them.  We use these tiny little features to rank each other.  “She’s prettier than me,” or, “She’s good at everything she does.”  These comments don’t usually come with friendly delivery either.  Something about this interminable cycle takes things that should be recieved as compliments, and use them as motivation to hate.

fake smile gif

If anything, this new found hate brings us to our final step:  picking apart every last flaw of that bitch’s stupid, perfect body.  This brings us full circle.  We, as a gender, have figured out a way to take a person’s best features and give them a negative connotation.  It’s like the cable commercial series.  Signing up with cable (looking at our own insecurities) can in some way, shape, or form lead to losing your marriage, your home, and even the clothes off your back, (the complete detestation of another human being). Don’t worry, though.  I’m not going to throw all of this depressing news at you without a solution.  We, [as a herd of beautiful, limitlessly powerful women], can….wait for it… show kindness towards each other!  Send one another nothing but good vibes, build others up instead of down!  Most of the time these things will immediately be returned to you.  We can fight the system.  The first step is finding that mindset where it is easier to love ourselves and one other than to degrade our personal selves and those around us.  This is our “sweet spot”.  Find it ladies, and flourish in it.

Take T.'s example. Turn away, take a deep breath, and smile like a glam goddess.

Follow T’s example. Turn away, take a deep breath, and smile like a glam goddess.


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